Dental Team – State College, PA

Get to Know Our Caring Team Members

Dentistry is not just about the dentist you see for care, but the team members that make running a dental practice possible as well. Our team members are highly educated and happy to answer any questions you may have as well as ensure you feel comfortable during every step of your dental appointment. Feel free to get to know them ahead of your next visit to make striking up a conversation even easier!

Misty Hicks, Dental Assistant

During dental procedures, Misty works chairside with Dr. Labosky, providing assistance and making patients feel comfortable. She maintains strict sterilization procedures and holds certification in radiography. Misty's been with our team since 2004 when Dr. Labosky opened the office. She enjoys furthering her education with CEs each year, and she volunteers with the doctor at local nursing homes. Misty is a people person, and our patients love her just as much as she loves them!