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Comprehensive Dental Services in State College

Young family at dentistIf you are looking for a great dentist in State College who offers comprehensive dental care, you have come to the right place. As a highly-skilled and knowledgeable dentist. Dr. Kevin P. Labosky, provides services for the entire family to create generations of healthy, beautiful smiles. Using the most advanced technologies and methods, he offers tailored solutions to help you reach and maintain your oral health throughout all stages of life. Now, you can get the healthy, flawless smile that you have always wanted while having your family’s dental needs met from one caring location.



Preventive Dentistry

To protect your teeth and gums from damage, Dr. Labosky provides complete preventive care for his patients. In addition to semi-annual cleanings and checkups, he uses dental sealants and fluoride treatments to further help ward off tooth decay. No matter if you need a nightguard, sportsguard, or sleep apnea therapy, he has the solutions you need to protect your smile from damage.

Restorative Dentistry

Even with the best preventive care, complications can still develop. To rehabilitate your oral health, Dr. Labosky combines the art and science of dentistry to provide complete restorative services. In addition to root canals, tooth-colored fillings, and extractions, he offers various tooth replacement options to regain a complete smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Woman with attractive smileNot only is the health of your teeth important, but their appearance as well. As a cosmetic dentist in State College, Dr. Labosky will enhance your confidence with an array of elective procedures, such as teeth whitening, metal-free restorations, veneers, and direct bonding.


Dental Implants

Model of dental implantNow, you can replace your missing teeth with the most preferred and reliable solution using dental implants. No matter if you are missing one tooth or all your teeth, Dr. Labosky has the solutions you need to regain the next best thing to your natural teeth.


Sedation Dentistry

Our dental team is dedicated to your comfort and satisfaction during your appointment. For those who suffer from dental-related fears, need an invasive procedure, or require multiple treatments, we provide sedation dentistry to help you relax to feel at ease.

Periodontal Therapy

It is estimated that 50% of adults have a form of gum disease, which not only damages your oral health, but can also impact your general health as well. To treat the infection, we provide periodontal therapy to restore your gum health.

Advanced Technology

To provide a higher level of care, we embrace the latest technology. With digital cameras and impressions, a cavity detection system, CT/Cone beam scanner, and other advancements, you can rest assured that you are receiving comprehensive care to promote your oral health.

Emergency Dentistry

We believe in always being there for our patients, even during the difficult times. With emergency dental services, we can quickly treat the issue to help save your tooth from needing to be removed. No matter if you have a toothache or you have lost a restoration, we are always here for you.

Choose Comprehensive Dental Care

If you need a dentist, choose comprehensive care you deserve. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.