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Tooth Extractions & Aftercare

Relaxed patient having tooth extractedAt the State College dental office of Kevin P. Labosky, DMD, we are usually working hard to help patients avoid tooth loss, but there are situations where tooth extraction is the best option to preserve oral health. If you’re in need of tooth extraction following decay or facial trauma or to prepare your smile for orthodontics or restorations, Dr. Labosky and his team can offer safe, comfortable, effective treatment. Call our dental practice to schedule a tooth extraction consultation with our team. We’ll examine your smile and create a personalized tooth extraction plan. We can also offer tooth replacement solutions when necessary.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

We will do our utmost to help you retain all of your healthy, natural teeth for life, but there are some situations where removing the tooth is the best way to protect your overall oral health. In the following situations, we will need to remove one or more teeth: 

Tooth “Pulling”

Tooth pulling is the ideal method for extraction. If a tooth has fully erupted from the smile, but has not fully attached with supportive bone structures, we can often numb the area and use clasping tools to shift the tooth back and forth until it breaks free from the socket.

Surgical Tooth Removal

Most tooth extraction is at least partially surgical. We often need to cut away soft tissue or supportive bone structure to allow our team to safely remove the tooth. In the case of impacted teeth, we’ll need to remove a great deal of tissue to reveal the tooth beneath the gums. In other cases, we need to break the tooth into smaller pieces before it can be safely removed from the socket.

Caring for Your Smile Following Extraction

Metal forceps holding toothAfter a tooth is extracted, you will need to carefully follow the post-operative care instructions we provide to ensure you make a full recovery. Some of the basics include:

Possible Complications

For most patients, there are very few complications following tooth extraction. As long as you do your best to follow your post-op instructions, you will likely have no reason to worry. There are a few complications that patients may experience following tooth extraction, including: